Hi! My name is Rui Jun Luong, a 20 year old art student from The Netherlands.

When I was young I always worked with design, without even knowing it. I drew magazines, wrote stories, and made my own clothes for my barbies. I always thought I would end becoming a fashion designer. In the end I didn’t become one, and i’m happy I didn’t. I have my own store called Shop Chokers, where I can use my creativity in a lot of different ways.

What I offer


If you want some personal pictures such as family pictures, pictures with your loved one or friend. You are on the right website! I also like to work with Fashion bloggers to shoot  their outfit picture.

Graphic design

Working on your new business? I can help you with; business cards, flyers, social media, posters you name it!

Web design

A customized design just for you


contact info
You can also email me at: rui_jun@hotmail.com