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That’s me! Nice to meet you.

睿郡, Rui Jun, RJ.

I love what I do

I’m a 22 year old Dutch – Chinese digital artist, photographer, videographer, graphic and web designer. I’m studying Graphic and Time based design at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. Besides that I also love to work on my own art – projects, webshops and fashion blog.


In my art works I focus on creating hyper-real worlds and where I bring my fantasy into reality through different media.


You will find different series of photographs that reflect my style in my portfolio. I focus on natural light, where I capture moments of life.



Ik ben een 22 jarige Nederlandse – Chinese digitale artiest, fotograaf, grafisch en web ontwerper. Momenteel studeer ik Grafisch en Time based design op Kunst academie Minerva in Groningen. Hiernaast hou ik er van om te werken aan mijn eigen kunst projecten, webshops en mode blog.


Ik focus op het creëren van hyper realistische werelden waar ik mijn fantasie werkelijkheid maak door middel van het gebruiken van diverse media.


Op mijn portfolio website zie je verschillende series foto’s dat mijn stijl reflecteert. Ik focus mij op natuurlijk licht in mijn foto’s waar ik diverse momenten vastleg van het leven.

Want to collaborate with me?

I’m open for collaborations

and freelance work.


It all starts with an idea. If you have one or more? Great! I can work with that.


Put all your ideas and thoughts on the table so I can think with you. Communication is always the key.


When we are on the same line and discussed both our ideas, I will merge it all together and start designing.

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